Pratap Sanakkayala

CFO - Chief Finance Officer

Pratap is an IT veteran with over 25 years of experience in practice building, program management, and business management. At Machint, he’s a part of the thought leadership, guiding solution architecture and helping deliver projects involving BPM, RPA & other technologies.

He leads a 50+ team of project managers, QA analysts, and process automation experts and successfully implemented projects in commercial insurance, banking, retail, and telecom domains.

Before joining Machint, Pratap held various senior leadership positions in Satyam, Patni & Capgemini, assisting clients with their digital transformation strategy. He holds a master’s degree in Physics from Andhra University and is a PMP certified project management professional. Pratap is an expert in global project delivery and implementing best practices in project delivery.

In his role as Chief Finance Officer at Machint Solutions, Pratap oversees the financial operations and strategies of the company. He plays a crucial role in financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting, ensuring the company's financial health and stability.