Our Practices

Data Science

Why Machint

Our Data Science practice assists organizations in achieving exponential growth. Unleash the potential of AI/ML, predictive analysis, data and algorithms for your business. Our proficiency in a range of technologies including Data Analysis, Big Data, UI & Visualization and Cloud ensures that we quickly identify patterns and turn predictive findings into optimal outcomes.

We help our clients in

  • Increasing business flexibility
  • Build & deploy quality AI/ML models
  • Solve complex problems for optimal outcomes
Our Offerings
  • Products & Services
  • Model Enrichment
  • Rapid Insights
  • Advisory Services
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Full spectrum of analytics
  • Mining of value via embedded analytics in enterprise processes
Business Benefits of Data Science
Improved business predictability
Enhanced data security
Assists in decision making
Simplify complex data
Our technological capabilities
  • Data Analysis (Python, R, Java, SAS, c & C++)
  • UI & Visualization (Matplot, Tableau,Oracle Visual Analyzer & Google Charts)
  • Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Scala, NoSQL, Oracle, Hive)
  • Cloud (AWS, MS Azure & Google Colab Cloudera)