Digitalizing The world

Banqify is a cutting-edge banking solution designed to empower various sectors within financial institutions, enabling them to deliver a remarkable digital experience to their customers across both mobile and PC platforms. Our market-ready products are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the evolving needs of the digital age, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient banking experience on any device.

Banqify is a new-age banking solution aimed at helping different sectors of financial institutions to offer impressive digital experience to their customers with market-ready products.

  • Readily available agile, plug & play platform
  • Covers acquisition, onboarding, underwriting, servicing, termination & renewal
  • Provides seamless configurability, adaptability, & scalability
  • Provides infrastructure for banking & financial institutions
AI/ML Benefits

The employment of AI/ML opens limitless possibilities for enterprises to inflate their customer experience with seamless workflows & personalizations.


Alter workflows easily as per business, market & customer changes with quick integration capabilities, while reducing human errors


Continuous monitoring of customer transactions, interests and credit score to chalk out customized offers, loans, etc

Intelligent Support

With quick resolution time and smooth flow of information, virtual assistants will redefine customer service & experience

Smart Insights

Instant analysis of huge data (transactions, payment authorizations, etc) providing insightful customer behaviour to offer better service


Banqify is a versatile new-age banking solution designed to enhance the digital experience for customers across various financial sectors. This innovative platform seamlessly operates on both mobile and PC devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users on different platforms. Banqify empowers financial institutions to deliver market-ready products, transforming the way customers engage with their services. Whether accessed through mobile devices or personal computers, Banqify provides a comprehensive and user-friendly digital banking experience, setting new standards for the industry.

Neo Banking

Jump start your fintech journey with customized APIs to launch market ready products

Digital Banking

Enhance customer experience with an end-to-end platform catering to all financial services

Key Construction Banqify Platfrom

Banqify is a configurable, adaptable & scalable platform that sits on an institution's core platform and can be easily integrated with multiple templates and APIs

Core banking System

Integrate existing core banking system to build products of choice

Banqify Platform

Banqify is built to enable agile products using templates


Multiple templates are created which will be available to cherry pick to form business products

Product Configration

Ease to customize products of choice with short turnaround time

Why Choose Banqify

Banqify is a configurable, adaptable & scalable platform that sits on an institution's core platform and can be easily integrated with multiple templates and APIs

  • Video-based KYC

    Complete KYC and customer onboarding in a few seconds with reduced cost & increased completions

  • Omnichannel Approach

    Transform all customer touchpoints and offer uniform user experience across all devices optimized for each channel

  • OCR-based Data Extraction

    Automate bank statement processing to enhance effectiveness of your processes

  • Virtual Assistant

    Provide a 24*7 virtual assistant to your customers that can offer improved service with its AI capabilities

  • Intuitive User Experience

    Offer differentiated & state-of-the-art user experience that can be tailored as per customer patterns to improve retention

  • Smart Notification System

    Send real-time notifications via app alerts, SMS or emails for effective service deliveries

  • Personalized Offerings

    utilize AI/ML functionality to generate personalized offers or services to cross sell / up-sell

  • Smart Analytics

    Leverage real-time trends & past performances in reducing dropout & improve overall RoI

  • Easy & Configurable

    Configure workflows suiting your process requirements with platform that provides high flexibility & productivity

  • Role-based Screen Access

    Provisions to clearly define roles and access to screens and functionalities with custommade dashboards