The most comprehensive ID Verification Solution

Globally, our well-established AI-driven approach seamlessly enables the efficient and dependable acquisition, extraction, and authentication of information from various forms of identification cards, passports, driver's licenses, and other documents.


High-quality image capture


Pick and choose the best fit for your product


Fast and accurate data extraction

What Is

Explore the M-IDENTITY Suite.

Crafted for seamless integration, our modules can be combined to create a comprehensive ID Capture solution, or utilized individually through user-friendly mobile or browser interfaces.

Customer Delight

High-quality image capture

Customer Delight

Fast and accurate data extraction

Customer Delight

Boost conversions by extracting accurate data.

Why ?

Streamline your processes with the M-Identity mobile and web solution, ensuring speed, simplicity, and security.

Experience seamless efficiency with M-Identity – a cutting-edge mobile and web solution designed to streamline your processes. Enjoy unparalleled speed, simplicity, and security as you optimize workflows and enhance user experiences.

Convenience without the friction

Increase conversion rates with our lightning-fast AI capture, which is five times faster than our competitors, and reduce user abandonment with our award-winning user experience (UX).

Our artificial intelligence system offers immediate guidance to users, helping them capture high-quality identification images by identifying and addressing issues such as glare, blurriness, low light, and other common concerns in real time.

Conversions without the hassle

Effortlessly retrieve organized information from worldwide identifiers in under 400 milliseconds with the remarkable speed of our AI-driven OCR. Enhance your conversion rates by seamlessly incorporating it with our Capture technology.

Certainty with unwavering self-assurance.

Over 90% of identity fraud cases are associated with counterfeit or deceptive documents. Safeguard against identity fraud using our advanced BlinkID Verify technology. Our cutting-edge system conducts more than 45 critical ID checks, leveraging machine learning for classification and real-time document vitality detection.

Our platform compares visual ID information with barcode/MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) data, scrutinizes static security elements, identifies manipulated photos, and spots visual irregularities. Seamlessly integrate our Capture module for an exceptional user experience, superior image quality, and pinpoint accuracy in fraud detection.

5x faster

MIdentity outpaces other document scanning options in terms of speed. Users can effortlessly position their ID in front of a camera for quick scanning.

~95% accuracy

Efficiently retrieve information from various types of identification, eliminating the need for prior selection of document type or country.

~99% reliable

Verify's non-forensic data checks accurately distinguish between authentic and counterfeit IDs, ensuring dependable and precise outcomes.

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