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vGro is an AI/ML based lead management platform that increases efficiency & productivity of sales teams

Lead Management Platform
Empower your sales reps, smartly!

vGro is a smart and adaptive lead management solution that helps sales agents on the ground to optimize their time,
improve their throughput and boost their earnings. The app is designed for minimal data entry with special emphasis on suggestions,
notifications and nudges that are designed to help the agent execute their work plan with ease.


Smart Lead Allocation
Managers can assign leads dynamically based on their agent’s track record through AI/ML engine instead of random allocation and slowed productivity.
Using vGro, sales leaders can allocate leads based on specialization of sales reps
Tag leads based on their location using vGro's geo tracking feature
Geo Tracking
Align your sales team’s activities to boost the sales opportunities with geo intelligence and use route optimization for effective work allocation.
AI-based Nudges
Don’t lose yourself distracted or lose time on unproductive activities
Sales reps will never forget any important tasks with Ai-based nudges guiding them
vGro eliminates manual data entry with virtual assistant helping them and sending important alerts
Smart, Virtual Assistant
Personal assistant for your sales team to make sure they stay on top of all their tasks, besides removing any unnecessary administrative task.
Performance Tracker
Individual goal setting and performance tracker for your sales team to make sure they’re self-motivated and in line with their targets.
Sales leaders can track and assess performance of sales reps and leads
vGro helps in generating insightful reports to improve their sales process and lead quality
Predictive Analytics
Custom dashboards to get at-a-glance summary of your team’s productivity and lead performance to get insights on improving your overall strategy.
Other Features
Sales teams are given multiple features like lead filtering to nurture quality leads
Nurture Quality Leads
With video KYC, sales agents can easily onboard themselves and customers
Video KYC
vGro lets sales teams to store their contacts within the app for easy call option
In-app Contact Book
Sales leaders can track the lead through its journey and make necessary changes at any point
Lead Tracking
vGro acts as a smart assistant to sales agents by smartly detection upcoming meetings and alerting the agents
Meeting Detection
Sales agents can cross sell or upsell to a particular client through the AI system that powers vGro
Cross/Up Sell Options


vGro improves the complete sales cycle efficient with the outcome of happy customer, motivated agent & thriving business

Crush Your Sales Quota, Easily