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MTheatre - youe inhouse entertainment partner to watch and rent movies for a few bucks

Pay-per-view OTT Platform
Stream your favorite movies anytime, anywhere!

MTheater is a pay-per-view OTT platform that offers viewers a one-of-its-kind streaming service and content owners a platform that lets them connect directly with the audience. MTheatre supports audio, video and other media content delivery over the Internet, without the involvement of a multiple-system operator (MSO) in the control or distribution of the content.






Virtual in-home theatre
Online stream feature that allows consumers to access movies from their homes in India and other global markets
With MTheatre you can watch any language movie from the comfort of your house
For content creators & production houses,MTheatre's OTT technology offers enterprise-grade security
Best-in-class security system
Built to upkeep security and ownership of content via watermarking, download restriction and copyright
Multiple monetization options
Pay-per-view format for now. We are working on a subscription/ Ad-based models will be rolled out over the next few weeks.
Content creators can monetize their video content via multiple options,while viewers can watch any movie at an affordable price
MTheatre's OTT technology makes it easy to scale the streaming capability
Easily scalable streaming capability
Allows users to manually change the quality (HD or lower) depending on their bandwidth, language settings, visual settings and subtitles on the content among other features.
Other Features


Be Available Anywhere, Anytime
Earn & increase your earnings via TVOD (pay-per-view)
With MTheatre, content creators or production houses don't sell their copyright, but just the content
Sell Your Content, Not the Rights
You will retain the rights for all your content
Best TVOD/OTT Technology
Utilize our best-in-class & seamless technology
Our OTT and TVOD technology is best-in-class compared to other OTT platforms
Our data security policy and structure makes your data invincible from cyber attacks
Keep Pirates at Bay
Protect your content from online piracy
Secure Your Own Price
You will decide pricing for your content
On MTheatre,content creators can select their own price for their content

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