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Banqify is a neo-banking or digital banking platform that helps financial institutions in redefining cusotmer experience Screen reader support enabled.

Neo-banking Platform
Transform the way your customers bank!

Banqify is a new-age neo banking solution aimed at helping financial institutions in offering impressive digital experience to their customers across retail banking, business banking, insurance and wealth management. An omnichannel, multi-entity, and multi-currency platform, Banqify is aimed at empowering financial institutions to build stronger customer relationships, strengthen brand loyalty and delight customers across their digital and physical channels.


Two Variants of Banqify
Neo Banking
API-based Platform

Jump start your fintech journey with customized APIs to launch market ready products

Digital Banking
End-to-end Platform

Enhance customer experience with an end-to-end platform catering to all financial services




Neo Banking - API-based Platform
We've built easy-to-integrate & seamless APIs for you to offer your everyday financial services without any hassle.

To accelerate customer onboarding process
With KYC API, BFSI institutes can conduct KYC digitally
Banks or financial institutions can offer their services via an app through Customer API
Customer API
To create & manage customer profiles easily
Account API
To redefine banking experience for next-gen
Customers can easily open account and operate easily with Banqify's Account API
Financial Institutions can offer loan services using Banqify's Loan API
Loan API
To offer real-time loan disbursements
Cards API
To provide custom-made card offerings
Cards API lets BFSI institutes offer card services - debit and credit within the app
Deposit API of Banqify allows customers make deposits or related services easily
Deposits API
To securely manage customer deposits
Payments API
To effectively authorize & monitor transactions
Banqify's Payments API allows financial institutions offer multiple payment channels to their customers


Digital Banking
Banqify can transform the complete customer journey with your financial enterprise and offer capabilities to partially automate processes,
thereby swiftly completing tasks that require human touch.

Omni Channel Approach
Transform all customer touchpoints and offer uniform user experience across all devices optimized for each channel
Banqify is a multi-channel and multi-entity solution that simplifies neo-banking
BFSI companies can improve their business process and services by analysing trends
Smart Analysis
Leverage real-time trends & past performances in reducing dropout & improve overall RoI
Role-based Screen Access
Provisions to clearly define roles and access to screens and functionalities with custom-made dashboards
Banqify's web-portal and dashboard offers role-based access to screens and critical data
Every financial institution can configure their own process based on their requirement easily
Easy & Configurable
Configure workflows suiting your process requirements with platform that provides high flexibility & productivity
Intuitive User Experience
Offer differentiated & state-of-the-art user experience that can be tailored as per customer patterns to improve retention
Banqify is built with an aim to offer superior user experience leveraging AI/ML technologies
Other Features
Banks can onboard customers or offer its services in real-time using Video KYC
Video-based KYC
Financial institutions can send instant alerts and notifications to their customers through Banqify's smart notification system
Smart Notification System
Banqify's digital banking platform comes with an AI-based smart, virtual assistant
Virtual Assistant
Banks can customize products easily using Banqify
Personalized Offerings


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